Helpful Tips on Selling Your Home

  1. A Clean, Uncluttered Home Sells- When it comes to first impressions of home buyers, the cleanliness of your home counts. A cluttered, messy home can be a big loss on sale price for the seller. Making sure you take the time to clean and pick up will make a HUGE difference!
  2.  Make those Repairs- Buyers notice and start adding up all the small repairs that need to be done in a home while looking at it. That means, they're calculating the work and money it's going to take THEM once they move it. What does this mean for you, the seller? A smaller offer! Making all those minor repairs can pay off big time in the end. 
  3. Make Sure it Passes the Sniff Test- An unpleasant smell can set a (BAD) undertone during a showing. Make sure there aren't any lingering pet odors, cooking smells, etc. Be sure to double check the bathrooms are clean of mold or mildew. A bad smelling house can sometimes equate to a dirty house in some buyers minds, so get those windows open and candles burning! 
  4. Remove Personal Items- It's important that buyers can see THEMSELVES living in your home. That means taking down all personal pictures and memorabilia.
  5. Price Your House Right- Price your home to sell. It'll get a lot of attention right away if the price is right! In a seasonal market like ours, the selling window is shorter which means you need to get out with the right price the first time around or risk possibly waiting another selling season to try again.
  6. Selling a Home is Inconvenient- When you go into the process of selling your home with this mindset, it'll make things a whole lot easier. Know that you need to keep everything clean and tidy for last minute showings. Anticipate the fact that you'll need to leave for periods of time when your house is being shown. Always remember that the person looking at your home could be the one that buys it!
  7. Experience Sells- Making sure your realtor has a pulse on what's happening in the market is key! It matters who your agent is! 
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